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    Our customers are an indication of our achievements, based on our experience in the hygienic industry. 

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    Our vision is to meet the growing demand of the hygienic industry with the latest technology to exceed our customer requirements.

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    Our success as Hinnposs Investments is based on exploiting opportunities and customizing client requirements

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Hinnposs Investments Pvt. Ltd. is one of the nations largest distributors of Cleaning services, Chemicals, Fumigation and disinfection services, Sanitation services, and Refuse collection services. For the past 15years, Hinnposs Investments has provided an extensive range of innovative products and services suitable for the Professional, Commercial, Industrial and Domestic industries..

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Hinnposs Investments provide a complete variety of Commercial Cleaning…

Hinnposs Investments removes dirt, waxes and grit from the core of all types of floors…

Our General Cleaning includes cleaning offices, ablutions, kitchens …

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